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On October 6, 2010, 6-month old Enzo was in a car accident with his parents and older brother and sister. Almost 48 hours later, he went home to be with Jesus. This blog is run by his family members and is our way of sharing our grief and hope with everyone who cares to visit. We rejoice in knowing that one day we will be reunited with Enzo in eternity! If you would like to contact us, you can email us at (not case-sensitive).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Great Contacts!

We have received so many emails and contacts from people we don't know - people who were somehow touched by Enzo's life and death. Here are a few I would like to share for you all to be encouraged by!

A staff member at Harrison Hospital in Bremerton:
"i just wanted to tell you how much baby Enzo has touched my life, i was one of the staff with him when he went for his first CT when he arrived at Harrison, and i just wanted to say that i will never forget that night and how beautiful and peacefull looking he was and i was able to hold his hand for just a brief period time, i should have emailed sooner to give my condolences. i say a little prayer everytime i pass the balloons at the fred meyer intersection. i think this tragic accident will forever have brought a part of our communtiy together. "
Thank you dear lady for holding our sweet Enzo's hand in the last hours of his life! For taking care of him so sweetly when we were not there yet!!!

A 911 Operator:
"I am an Emergency Telecommunicator, basically a 911 operator/dispatcher. In fact I used to work in Kitsap County and know every one of the call takers and dispatchers, as well as a few responders that were involved with this horrific collision. I happened to be listening to my scanner that fateful night and heard the call go out. I immediately contacted my friends who were working to find out the specifics. 
For some reason, this call and the radio traffic gripped at my soul. I have taken and dispatched every emergency call imaginable, homicides-cardiac it. I was even able to give instructions for child CPR that resulted in a "save". Again...for some reason, this one stuck out. I sincerely prayed for young Zo!! I have read every blog, article, snippet....everything. This young angel touched me! Because of this, I am determined as ever to be the BEST at what I do, that includes getting back to my police officer roots and getting on the streets to "protect and serve".........Thank You Enzo 
From the deepest depths of my heart...Thank you Zo!!
Again sorry for the loss....I have taken it as a lifting of my soul!"
Thank you so very much sir, for the great work that you do in the community! Yours is a tough job - thank you for being strong and a hero - and for saving lives!

Finally, from a pediatric nurse:
"I live in Louisiana. I am originally from Silverdale and a dear friend of mine shared your story and blog link on facebook. I am currently a nursing student and about to graduate. I have spent 2 semesters working in the PICU's down here and am hoping to work at Mary Bridge when I graduate. Your story really hit home for me and I prayed for Baby Enzo and your family. I have 3 small children myself and hearing stories like this is so difficult. Just before I heard of Baby Enzo's accident I had a patient, a 15 month old code and pass away. It was the first time I had experienced this and it was very difficult. I spent that night in tears, and struggled with my choice to pursue pediatric nursing. I had always felt that working with children was a calling and yet after the passing of my patient I wondered if I was making the right decision. When I read baby Enzo's story, I cried for him and your family. Your blogs however and Enzo inspired me. To have been able to be there for him and your family as a nurse would have been an honor. To read about the nurse who stopped to do CPR, made me realize that my actions as a nurse can change the life of someone as special as Enzo, even if it means giving his family 48 more hours. Your family is my prayers."
Dear nurse, you are right that your calling IS worthy - you could be a huge difference in a family's life! Thank you so much for writing to us and sharing your story.

If you would like to write us, please email us at We respond to every email and so appreciate hearing from people – it helps us through our grief to know that lives are being touched through Enzo’s life and death.

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