Pictures of Enzo's Memorial Service

On October 6, 2010, 6-month old Enzo was in a car accident with his parents and older brother and sister. Almost 48 hours later, he went home to be with Jesus. This blog is run by his family members and is our way of sharing our grief and hope with everyone who cares to visit. We rejoice in knowing that one day we will be reunited with Enzo in eternity! If you would like to contact us, you can email us at (not case-sensitive).

Friday, February 25, 2011

"Tell my mom I am fine!"

Today, Enzo's cousin, Hunter, woke up and immediately told about a dream he had last night. Here are his own words, with absolutely no editing or coaching:

"So I had an image from God last night in a dream, which I think is
really cool and it was about Enzo. Ok, so I get this image that I see
Heaven and people walking around in it. And then Enzo walks up to me
and says "hey! I'm fine! How are you?" And then I said "good." And so
then he says "Thanks for the balloons you sent up to me, I really like
them." And then he said for Auntie Kate "can you tell my mom that I am
doing fine?" And then God came up and said "yeah, Enzo's doing fine."

Hunter insists that this was real - an image from God, he kept calling it. When I asked if maybe it was just a dream, he insisted that it was straight from God and absolutely would not change his mind. We immediately wrote down the dream and sent it on to the rest of the family - it has brought us great sunshine and comfort today in our souls!

The faith of children is mind-blowing. Who of us, as adults, may have been sent that dream from the Lord, only to wake up and dismiss it as our own imaginations? I imagine most of us would have let our logical sides takes over - no wonder the Lord chose to speak through a child to bring comfort to our family! 

Hunter is seven, will be eight on Tuesday, March 1st. The balloons he was referring to were the ones my kids drew pictures on and wrote messages on and sent up into the sky "for Enzo." This was the day after the memorial service, and we wanted to find a creative way for them to acknowledge their grief and say goodbye since we did not make it to the hospital in time before he died. My kids still talk about that every once in awhile and ask if I think Enzo received his balloons. I never know how to answer. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bumper Stickers in memory of Enzo

A friend of the family has designed a bumper sticker with Enzo's picture, encouraging people not to text and drive. They look GREAT! They will be $6.00 each and all proceeds will help the Williams' family with their continued expenses from Enzo's death.

If you are interested in ordering one (or more), please email Ashley Litt at None have been ordered yet, she just wants to get an idea for how many to order first. So email her, let her know how many you would like - and once they are ordered and available, we will set up payment options for everyone to pay.

Thank you for all of our loved ones' continued support!!! We couldn't get through this without you! Let's work to make sure Enzo's death continues to make a positive impact on our world.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finally, an update on the accident

Hello loved ones, near and far~

It is with a heavy, yet hopeful, spirit that I tell you the Kitsap County Prosecutor's Office has filed charges against the driver of the Yukon that killed our sweet Enzo.

My spirit is hopeful that the Lord will use this to bring justice as well as to ensure it doesn't happen to another family. I am also hopeful, as I pray for the driver being charged, that he will be broken before the Lord and his soul will find peace and forgiveness in our wonderful savior, Jesus.

But, needless to say, my spirit is also heavy as we begin to re-live the nightmare of that time. No doubt it will be difficult as Todd and Kate possibly testify about what transpired. It will be difficult for the rest of our family who are present at any court proceedings.

Just the other day, as I (Zo's Auntie Melissa) scrap-booked 2010 for my family, I cried as I made the pages related to the accident and memorial service. In many ways, as I live 1500 miles away, my life has "moved on" in the sense that I am back to all my normal activities and have many distractions from the all-consuming pain my sister suffers - but being reminded of the pain my heart still holds - and will always hold - was enough to bring me to my knees yet again, asking God, "why?" My questions are not angry, but they simply express what my heart feels and what I cannot, in my limited human mind, understand yet.

God is good. ALL the time. Yes, our family still proclaims this. It's been four months since Enzo went to be with Jesus, and perhaps we continue to proclaim this to keep ourselves from going mad. But we know it's true. God is good - ALL the time. How can we say this still, after all we've been through? Let me ask this: where else would we go? What else would be sufficient for us to turn to? Abraham Lincoln, during the Civil War, said "I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for the day." There simply is nowhere else to go that can bring the peace we so desperately need. God is good. ALL the time.

Please keep Sidney Wright (driver) in your prayers. Yes, he was texting and had drugs in his blood. And their family is suffering for it too. And I bet you a million dollars he wishes he wouldn't have done those things. Let's pray that he would know what it means to be forgiven by Christ, as he faces the consequences of his actions, and that he would be a changed man through all of this.