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On October 6, 2010, 6-month old Enzo was in a car accident with his parents and older brother and sister. Almost 48 hours later, he went home to be with Jesus. This blog is run by his family members and is our way of sharing our grief and hope with everyone who cares to visit. We rejoice in knowing that one day we will be reunited with Enzo in eternity! If you would like to contact us, you can email us at (not case-sensitive).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life from death, beauty from ashes

God has been doing some amazing work in people's lives in the last week since Enzo's death. Some of these testimonies were given at the Memorial Service last Tuesday (and I intend to write about them and post them here).

Last night, a long time family friend sent this to our family:


"A Grain of Wheat"

John 12:24 "I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and
dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels-a
plentiful harvest of new lives."

"This last weekend while thinking and praying for Enzo, the verse above came
to mind.  As I sat in the memorial on Tuesday, I saw God's Word come alive
before my eyes.  In the fertile ground that surrounded the tragic and
heartbreaking loss of Enzo, I saw a beautiful tree emerge that was ripe and
plentiful with fruit that God intends to harvest and is harvesting.  Heaven
will only reveal this great harvest, by God's great grace and mercy, that
will come from your great loss and sorrow."

Thank you so very much to Todd Kjormoe for your love and insights!


Additionally, this verse has come to mind for all the amazing work God is doing: 

Isaiah 61:3
"To all who mourn he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the Lord has planted for his own glory."

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